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MYC India is a trusted partner in guiding students towards their educational aspirations. We specialize in career counseling, facilitating smooth admission procedures, and simplifying visa processes. With our expertise, we empower students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad with confidence.

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Why MYC is Best Career Search Engine

MYC stands out as your ultimate educational companion. We provide unmatched assistance for national and international educational journey.

  • 1000+ Universities

    Gain access to valuable information about respected universities in India and across the globe, with the help of MYC.

  • 20000+ Colleges

    With our reach to over thousand of colleges, get admission in India’s top ranked college and world’s best college with our guidance in order to make your journey on the right track.

  • 80000+ Courses

    Get your desired course which perfectly matches with your stream and goals. Make your study destination either nationally or internationally.

  • 500+ Exams

    MYC India offers updates on Indian entrance exams as well as English proficiency exams such as IELTS, PTE.

  • 15000+ Institutes

    Find best institute to enroll yourself according to the requirements.

  • 1000+ Overseas Consultants

    Connect with India's top overseas consultants for a trusted and expert guidance on your journey abroad.

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India & Abroad

Since 2015, MYC India has not only been committed to guiding students to the best colleges and universities but also excelling in connecting you with top-ranked institutions in India and worldwide to prepare you for a job-ready future.

Success Stories that inspire

We, at MYC, firmly believe that actions carry more weight than words. Our history of transforming students' aspirations into study abroad realities demonstrates our unwavering dedication to their achievement.

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MYC team displayed unmatched dedication and professionalism. They meticulously reviewed my documents, offering valuable insights and ensuring that everything was in order. Thanks to their assistance, I received my student visa without any complexity.

MYC I selected to assist me with my student visa application exceeded all my expectations. From the initial consultation to the final visa approval, their team was by my side, providing unwavering support and guidance. Thanks to them, I now have the opportunity to pursue my education abroad.

I was initially overwhelmed by the complexity of the student visa application process, but the MYC I chose to work with made it easy process. Their knowledgeable and friendly team provided me with step-by-step guidance, clarifying all my doubts and addressing any concerns I had.

Thanks to MYC Team assistance, I received my student visa with my Spouse without any complexity. I am incredibly thankful for their support and would undoubtedly recommend their services to anyone who wants to process my application.

I cannot express how grateful I am to the MYC that helped me secure my student visa. From the very beginning, their team exhibited unparalleled professionalism and expertise. They guided me through the entire visa application process. Thanks to their meticulous assistance.

I was fortunate to have chosen MYC to help me with my student visa application. Their team displayed unmatched dedication and professionalism. They meticulously reviewed my documents, offering valuable insights and ensuring that everything was in order.

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